Heinz Macaroni and Cheese (Australia)

Heinz Macaroni and Cheese packaging - tin

Image is my own

Heinz Macaroni and Cheese nutrition label and ingredients

Image my own

Heinz Macaroni and Cheese tinned pasta

Better than the Kraft stuff but won’t beat homemade

I saw these on special at Coles, 2 for $3. Apparently they’re common in the UK, but they’re new in Australia. My first reaction was mild revulsion at the idea. Then I thought about it a bit longer and reasoned that we get beans and spaghetti in cans, and Mac and Cheese that comes dried out in a packet, how could this be much worse?

My husband was pretty grossed out when he saw the stuff but that didn’t deter me. I delivered half a can into a bowl and microwaved it for a couple of minutes.

First impressions were: the pasta is very soft, the sauce is plentiful, overall it tastes a lot like cornstarch. As I continued to chew, though, the floury taste gave way to a pleasant, cheesy and slightly peppery taste.

The flavour was comparable to the Kraft Mac and Cheese, but without the hassle of mixing things in, microwaving for an eternity, and getting clumps of cheese powder stuck in the pasta tubes. When I’ve got a hankering for cheap supermarket Macaroni and Cheese, this will be my new go-to.

In Short:

3 out of 5 stars – it’s not going to beat your grandma’s home recipe, but it’s a decent option when it comes to supermarket instant pasta, and in my opinion better than the dry stuff.

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