Rafferty’s Garden Organic Banana Porridge foil sachets

Image of Rafferty's Garden organic banana porridge product packaging Image taken from raffertysgarden.com.au[/caption]

Rafferty’s Garden Organic Banana Porridge

It could have its applications…

I like to try new products, and with an 8-month-old to feed, that often means trying out new baby food products. Rafferty’s Garden has long been one of my go-to brands as I trust them to provide wholesome food without any unnecessary additives, and because they offer organic baby cereals.

This product offers their organic banana porridge in 8 individually foil-wrapped portions. To make up the porridge, you simply add water, breastmilk or formula to the desired consistency. The porridge itself is fine – it’s easy to make up, my baby enjoys it, and it is fortified with iron. The average supermarket price is around $3.50.

The packaging itself is, in my view, probably unnecessary. The only advantage it offers is that you could chuck a packet or two in the nappy bag. The trade-off for this convenience is extra packaging that cannot be recycled, set portion sizes that may or not match your baby’s appetite, and less product overall than is in the larger pouch products. Also, it’s a small thing, but the easy-tear feature is a small vertical slit in the top of the sachet, which makes it hard to tear a suitable opening – a horizontal tear option would be easier.

In Short:

3 out of 5 stars – the product itself is great, but the packaging is overall more of a hindrance than a convenience
Try it out if you’re looking for baby cereal that is easy to chuck in the nappy bag

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