Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

Smell naturally good, without toxic chemicals

A bit of back story…
I first came across natural salt stick deodorant quite by accident. I was staying overnight at a friend’s house; the following day I had a full day in the city with my uni class. I was mortified when I realised I’d forgotten my deodorant! Sacre bleu! Even worse, I was staying with hippies who had virtually nothing in their bathroom cupboard – beside a mysterious salt crystal. I stared at it long and hard before deciding to give it a try. I wet it and applied it to my underarms. In all honesty, I didn’t expect it to do anything.

You can imagine my surprise when, after a long day in the city, walking about and generally giving my underarms a decent chance to work up a stink, I remained odour-free! It was like some kind of crazy hippy magic! When I came across a body crystal in a chemist one day I bought it straight away.


My husband and I have been using this brand for a few years now. When our local organic shop closed down and we couldn’t source it from there, we took to buying it online instead. It costs around $10 and lasts up to a year, even with two of us using it. We like this brand because it is big enough to last, the rounded shape is comfortable to apply, and it’s less likely than some other ones we’ve tried to fall into the sink and shatter into a crystal dagger. [In saying that, it does have a tendency to detach from the base as the water seems to loosen the crystal after a few weeks of use, so we have to be careful not to tip the thing into the sink]

This product has no added scent. I like that – deodorants tend to smell a bit yuck as far as I’m concerned; if I want to wear a scent, I’d rather use a perfume or body spray. Conventional deodorants tend to “cover up” smells more than prevent them, so by the end of the day you end up smelling like deodorant and sweat. Crystal body deodorant naturally kills the bacteria that reside in your pits and cause the stank. Your body enjoys the freedom to sweat, and your nostrils (and those of the people around you) and not assaulted with BO.

In short:

5 stars – Get on it! These things are good for you, good for the planet, and good for the hip pocket. The best thing is they really work! Perspire away, you won’t smell bad!

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