Natural Instinct Nourishing Facial Moisturiser

Natural Instinct Nourishing Facial Moisturiser

There are things I like about it, but it’s not my favourite

Facial moisturisers are a very individual item. What works for one person’s skin won’t necessarily work for someone else’s. My skin is fair and finicky: it doesn’t like to be interfered with too much, or it arks up and gets its revenge with pimples and excess oil. I prefer to put natural products on my skin, so Natural Instinct seemed like the natural choice (sorry, yes, that was a bit of a pun).

I have used Natural Instinct shampoo and conditioner in the past and really enjoyed it. I like that it is an affordable yet somewhat luxurious brand offering products that are free of some of the nasty chemicals you find in conventional brands. In that sense, it ticks all the boxes. But how did it stack up as a moisturiser?

Not quite right for my skin

The Natural Instinct Nourishing Facial Moisturiser smells lovely, and is full of goodies like essential oils and vitamin E. Initially it feels quite thick and sticky on the skin, but it absorbs well and I don’t notice it anymore after 10 minutes or so. I think that if my skin were slightly less delicate it would go on to be a ripper moisturiser, but I have found that it is just a touch too oily for me, and my skin has complained a little bit in the form of excess shine and slight clogging of pores.

In Short:

  • 4 stars – it is a slightly heavier cream, so if your complexion needs that, this is a good choice; otherwise a lighter product might be more suitable.
  • It is a good, naturally sourced product that pleases the senses.

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